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Hawaii 2011 M&G

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I would like to try and get a solid group of LX/LY people together that want to hang out once a month. I see a lot of Sweet rides around let get together a swap mods, ideas and stories.

Each person interested can arrange a M&G. You do the coordination you get to pic the Meet Spot.

Here is what I have in mind for the first one:

Where: The Shack, Kailua

When: 3/19/11

Time: 12:00

Let me know what you all think.
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Hi guys. Just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Chad. I just picked up a billet 2011 Charger R/T "Road and Track" on Tuesday. Hope to meet up with you guys soon!!


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It Doesn't!!

You have the super track pack on yours?

I thought you guys would have come out to the Hawaii Kai cruise. I was the only Charger but didn't feel bad as there was an SRT4 there.
Hey man. It doesn't. I know the red one in the showroom has it. I think they optioned the rims for the Super Track Pak!!! But I am enjoying the ride!!!! Thanks!
Windward Mall Cruise Night April 23 at 5PM

I think next car show is at Windward Mall on the 24th.
It's on the 23rd this Saturday. Here's the info from Paradise Cruisers website:

Ok its a go! Yes all five cruise nights dates. Jim and I had a meeting with Windward mall yesterday, and it is now confirmed for the dates above. All the events at Windward Mall will start at 5:00pm and it will finish at 9:00pm. It will be held at the same place in front of Macy's. No one will be allowed in any earlier than 5:00pm.The only cars that will be in their before 5:00pm will be the East End crew that will be setting up.. We will be passing out a waiver form to every hot rod or classic car owner that wants to attend this event. We ask that everyone fill it out and turn it in to one of the East End Hot Rod crew, or the security personal that are on hand.Windward Mall and East End Hot Rods also ask that no Alcoholic beverages be brought into this event. Now I know everyone loves this cruise night. So please pass the word around to your friends or club members Thank you, Allan Kruse

Hope to see you there!
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