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Hi all,

Is there an interface(s) available that will allow me to do the following:

1/ I want to replace my factory HU for an aftermarket HU and I don't want to cut any wires, I understand that metra, pac-audio, and scorsche make such interfaces but my question is; do they allow me to keep the following

- Retain Accessory Power (R.A.P)
- Illumination wire
- Hand brake wire
- Reverse wire
- Mute wire

The above list is very important, especially the Mute wire, as I have parking sensors which Mutes the audio when they chime.

If such a device does exist can you guys and gals please provide a part number.

2/ Also, I have a factory amp, which I want to replace with an alpine amp, but I want to use existing wires to connect to both the HU and speakers. Is there such an interface available that will allow me to use the existing wires to connect an aftermarket amplifier?

If there isn't such interfaces, can someone provide some details on how to keep the functions described in the above list.

Looking forward to your replys

Many thanks

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