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A Christmas Tale From Santa Hammer:

Hey there, my lad! What would you like for Christmas?

“I crave yon AirHammer for me Pappy because his gogo has become shifless!”, He says

Well, mine fine young friend, you are in luck! From now until December 20th I am gonna cut the prices down to 329.00 on the standard finish units so all the good little rugrats of the world can make their pappy happy!

“YAAAAY!!! I love Santa Hammer!!”, cries the giddy young pup.

Then, suddenly, Stiffy the elf of bad news appears:

COUGH cough…..Duude, uhhh…, like the international steel prices are goin nuts, man..

You aint gonna able to keep the standard price past the end of the year! China is buying it all up, man!

Now suddenly Santa Hammer was majorly bummed out! He HATES price increases like he hates mistletoe at an ugly girls convention!

How bad is the increase in the steel market, Stiffy?

“STANKY!!”, he says, “The jump is no invention!”

SO after much internal aggravation he issues forth with this edict:

After Christmas, I am going to have to increase prices to 369.00.

“DAMMIT!!”, He hollers.

Suddenly, With a gleeful hoot, a shout of joy, the eager young anklebiter yells;

“HA-HA, then this one is MINE . Kiss it, Fat Boy!”

And in the twinkle of chrome he dashes away, scamming an AirHammer….all the way home!

And Santa Hammer’s shouts did rain, to no help …all to be in vain!

Then Stiffy shouts with a grin:

“ Then THIS one is mine, try to get me and I’ll gnarf–up yer shins!”

SO, Santa Hammer sighs and a gleam rises in his eye.

I pity da fool that doesn’t jump at the chance to buy!


Look, Y’all, I don’t like raising prices but the rising cost of the international steel market makes it hard on me to make a reasonable level of profit. From now until December 15th the AirHammer standard finish is reduced to 329.00. Polishing is still 75.00 extra.

After Christmas the price will increase to 369.00.

SO, so if you are planning on get one, GET IT NOW.

Your Friend,



Orders must be paid for by Dec.15

No more orders will be taken after this date until Jan. 1 2007

This applies to all orders taken after midnight December 06/06

Be sure to mention that you found this on Charger Forums in you email... It helps me keep hings straignt

No elves were harmed or allowed near mind altering substances in the making of this commercial.
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