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So despite hearing some so-so things about Fields Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge in Northfield, IL. I decided to take my car there for service as it is a few minutes from my house, (as opposed to the 45 min. Feeny is) and that it is on the way to my work.

I had the following problems-

Trans Leak: Fixed, per TSB I handed to them
Leaky/seepage on driver side powersteering rack: Replaced, as well as a free alignment
Trunk lid rub: Fixed, per TSB I handed to them
Ash tray not closing: Fixed, per TSB I handed to them
Wheel corrosion: Not fixed, advised me to bring it up with the dealership of purchase.

Service was awesome, the service writer was attentive and polite and seemed to respect my mastery of knowledge of the LX platform and some of its common issues. They were good about calling me to update me on the status of the vehicle.

They also didn't give me any guff about the minor mods I have.

All in all I give this place a thumbs up and recommend some of you north suburban chicago charger owners give this place a chance. I'll definately be going there for regular maintanance when the time comes for something that I am not equiped to do.
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