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Hey guys/gals.

We’re running a Labor Day sale on our ESP / Fan mod for all our forum members for both the 5.7 and the 6.1 cars. They are in stock and ready to ship.

As the first to the market with our ESP delete, we take pride in our product and the results.
• No Torque management (exact shifts no lag or delay)
• No Traction control (100% freedom to Fry the tires or uninterrupted acceleration)
• Low temp fan control for a much cooler running temp yielding much better overall performance
Race ESP Mod:

Completely deletes Traction control (esp.) and Torque management on shifts points. No more pauses between shifts and no traction hold back from the ECU at the flip of a switch.
This Mod will not turn off or affect the ABS system
Fan Control:

This mod Brings the fans on early keeping max temps on the motor down 10% or on the 195 degree thermostat at cruising speed( no codes) and is very effective in city driving or at the drag strip.

The kit is a pre made kit that you can install in your driveway in about 1/2 an hour and will result in you having the options mentioned on the fly via 2 small switches in a discrete location with-in reach with no holes having to be drilled .

Our kit also includes our 180 degree thermostat.

Labor Day price: $159 + free (in-states) ground shipping

During the busy day, I'll do what I can to answer PM's, but please e-mail me directly with questions to get an immediate answer.
[email protected]

Call me directly to place order. Do not place the order online as the discount will not be automatically given through our Online Orders.
562-777-1075, Ryan (Rhino)
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