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GS Motorsports= 415rwhp/tq+ outta my SRT on 24's w/ Diablo dyno tune! Video & graph!

My buddy Carlos(Brute SRT) and I took a well needed trip to GS motorsports yesterday after we both took tragic loses at a little street race the night before.

I lost to a modded 2500lb 91 mustang 1 car and on my 24's

He lost to modded 01 camaro 1 car due to NO traction on F1's but was pulling

SO.............GS motorsports was on our radar.

We went in to both get dyno tuned with our predators, both get phenolic spacers, and Carlos also got the GSM fan/torque mod.

We were VERY happy with our results at GSM.

After our tunes were complete.....

My numbers were 418.34hp and 419.70tq!....on 24's! no baseline for me!

Carlos pulled 424.74hp and 426.56tq! Dyno'd 374 RWHP 365 Torque bone stock on another dynojet!

Keep in mind we both ONLY have AFE, Diablo, and phenolic spacers/catback for him, 24's/cats/cutouts for me!

Nothing more!

Scott said we both dynoed higher than ANY SRT's he has done with our amount of bs cuz our buddies and a nice guy dynoed after us around the common numbers on mildy modded Srt-8's.

Our savior was Scott who is an awesome car genius and is really cool to talk to. He went OUT of his way to make his customers happy and it can't get any better than that. Scott was the ONLY person at GSM on a Sunday and did a whole days worth of work all by himself!

Their cars in the shop were nothing short of AMAZING!!! Put aside the problems some cars have had all i must say is the Diablo Predator was a GODSEND for GSM and now they are lovin the Supercharged life!

Most exciting ride of my life......750bhp 300cSrt-8!!! Can u say OMFG!

426 Stroker with Supercharger and every other goodie u can think of....and coolest is BONE stock on exterior with ONLY chrome stocks and car had only 2000 miles!

I've never been in a car that damn fast in my life! The acceleration with HALF throttle was underwear soaking to say the least!

Traction with full throttle.....out the door with street tires!

Awesome to have that kinda POWER on tap and shows GS motorsports improvements in their power packages due to finally getting the elusive tuning options!

Great job GSM!

Also Scott talked of a Supercharger kit priced around 6-7 that damn near a monkey can install and only a couple parts need to be upgraded!

I will definitely be getting one of these kits!

I just wanna say aside from the past engine problems GSM has had, they are great people that have stellar customer service and it's not fair to blame them for having to make a decision to NOT supercharge cars per customers demands when the tuning just wasn't available........the time has come!

I will be getting my 3000 stall torque converter next from the very soon!

Enjoy the video!!!

My Dyno graph!

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If they have their acts down now, I think they (GSM) should go back on "Dream Car Garage" for redemption. I have the Charger(s) build-up episodes on video tape but I refuse to watch them if someone else is around. The cars' performance, though they looked awesome, was kinda embarrassing.

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Great to hear! I am fully expecting my valve covers I just bought from them to add another 10 HP to my car!!!!!!!!!!!1:lol:

I wish they were close to me......
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