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Group buy from 2006 question Magnaflow

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I bought a Magnaflow exhaust system for my 2006 Charger Daytona back in 2006. I am having a problem where the mufflers have had a baffle come loose and it rattles terribly. I bought it through a group buy I found here. I have had no luck with Magnaflow as they don't warranty anything direct. You have to go through a Magnaflow Dealer. Unfortunately, I have no info on the group buy or anyone to contact for warranty. I am the original owner and the warranty is good as long as you own the car. Anyone remember who was selling these or is there a dealer that would help me out with the warranty? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The noise is driving the wife crazy which in turn drives me crazy.:bowdown:
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I think it may be HHP. That sounds like it. Is there any contact info for them. I searched old group buy threads.
Google is your friend. :)
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