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Greeting Thread

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I'll start off this one.

Hi, I came over from Stop over and check out the forums.

I'll be very happy when this car is finally put into production, and even happier when it has a HEMI.
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:D Hay evryone, I wouldlike to introduce myself. I have been a memeber of the srt forums for a while now. i am glad to see this forum dedicated to new charger. I currently own a 68 charger. It is built to what some people might call a G machine. wheels, tires, brakes, suspension, and I converted it to a rack in pinion.
I am really hoping that dodge will step up to the plate and build something that us mopar die hard's really want. A REAR DRIVE, 2DR, PERFORMACE CAR!!

Look at ford with there new mustang. And gm with the gto. We need the charger!!
If anyone from dodge is on these board, please stop building stuff that in a way does not make sence. I:E: the viper engined bike, the new magnum. I am not sure what kind of market there might be for the magnum but, if you try to make it a performance package, :confused: I will not know why.
How do I put a picture on my avator by the way?
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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