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I recently took off my flashtech 6 ring green halos to paint them black and decided to sell them.

I have had them for a while now with no problems and they are the original halos that came with no inverters. One of the rings wires came off when painting but i was able to solder them back on. Not sure if the lifetime warranty is transferable and i would suggest you buy the inverter from flashtech just in case but they worked flawless without it.

I tested them all with a 9v battery and they work fine.

They retail for over $200+

Sold as is for $125 Shipped.
I also have the fog halos if interested but might be too much of a hassle to remove them.​

Light gray center console lid in great used condition. Perfect for getting leather wrapped.

$30 Shipped.

Will ship via USPS with tracking. US ONLY.​
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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