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I'm across the street from Riverlands Dodge in LaPlace, LA. About 15 min from New Orleans. Its a straight shot west on I-10 from New Orleans easy to get to. Tel # is 985-652-9600. Phil Harris is the Service manager. I'll look up the dealer in Metairie which is a little closer to New Orleans.
x2.. i love them.. just got my charger serviced there.. HOWEVER.. I went in to get my warped rotors fixed, and my left front door speaker replaced.. and they somehow broke my joystick for my side mirrors:knockout: They're replacing it without me having to ask.. but would still like to know how they managed that. Other than that.. its a great dealership. As far as custom stuff, I'd try Shade Tree Customs.. dont have the number but they're on Airline in Metaire.. a block or so from Causeway.
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