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Well the wife and I drove the charger down to matson terminals pier 51b yesterday to send her to Kentucky, kinda bummed it should arrive a few days after we get there. We saw a Super Bee yellow who saw us one more time gave us a wave. That was the last time she'll be seen on the island going to have to show her off in Kentucky now.
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Awww, man... I didn't get to see that paint job in person! Oh well. Good luck, bro. Kentucky is a nice place. Most of my relatives are from there and we use to spend holidays there at grandma's house when I was a kid. Good times.
Yup, it was me, I could see those orange stripes coming the whole way. I wasn't sure you'd be able to see me through traffic. Hate to see her go, but I'll be heading near your neck of the woods in July. I am moving to NC , so I'll be a little way down the road. Good luck on the shipment.
:rocker:Lol well atleast I met one more person I know from here while in my car and I hated to see her leave too, it sucks but hey I'll tear louisville up after A few more mods! cough cough heads cam torque converter
damn dude your paint job came out sick..
Bummer wish I would have gotten to see it in person.
I feel your pain bro. I seen your car at the PX in the parking lot one day a couple weeks ago. Car looks great. I shipped mine out on Monday at noon my self as well. Atleast I know that when I get to California for leave my car will be waiting there on me to be picked up.
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