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ZEX Nitrous system out of my Mango Daytona, works perfect! Is plug-n-play for the Charger with the new fuel line tap, and should be for it's LX cousins as well. Includes the ZEX remote bottle opener, ZEX bottle heater and ZEX pressure gauge. $699 shipped!!!
Also includes a custom built switching network that operates off a low voltage ethernet cable so you won't have to drill any holes. The relay box which mounts in the trunk next to the battery is also all plug-n-play with molex connectors for quick and easy removal if necessary.

The switch housing has 3 buttons on it, 1 up/down w green/red LED for opening/closing the bottle remotely, 1 for the bottle heater w red light and 1 aircraft style arming switch w blue LED. The switch housings ethernet cable can be unplugged from it and will prevent any unauthorized use or keep your system invisible. You never even have to get out of your car to get things rolling and you will not find another switching system like it!

Comes w everything you need to get No2 rolling in your LX (including all split loom covering shown in the photo's) and with the custom switching network it will be the simplest install you've ever done. All original jets are included although I only used the 75 shot. The only thing you may want to add for your install is a set of colder spark plugs which some recommend. :)


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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