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FS: Road&Track(daytona) Intake system w/ K&N Filter

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I replaced the air intake system on my charger, which is an '06 r/t with the road and track option (exactly the same as a daytona's) which provides more horspepower than the stock r/t airbox.

also coming in the package is my K&N drop in filter. it has roughly 5K miles on it. the Airbox and intake have rougly 23K miles on it.

this is fully plug and play with all the hose clamps and even the breather hose. nothing was re-used.

asking $60 OBO +shipping
local pickup preferred. not sure exactl what its worth so feel free to PM an offer

heres the pics:



Intake Tube/breather hose:


Hose Clamps:

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PM Sent...
sold! thx guys
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