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Front passenger seat spacers/risers

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I felt like I was sitting in a hole in my manual front passenger seat, but nobody seems to make spacers. So I made some from ¼” thick x 1.5” x 36” steel bar stock from Home Depot. Cut to 2” front / 3” rear lengths and drilled for the bolts (rears get 2 drill holes for the track pin). I stacked 3 spacers on the fronts and 1 spacer on rears for a ¾” rise at the seat front and ¼” rise at the back, which works pretty good. You could always use more or fewer spacers front/rear to suit your preference. Here’s the key – I found longer hardened metric E12 Torx bolts that fit just like the stockers and clear the seat tracks. They’re actually BMW/Mini crankshaft pulley and head bolts, BMW # 11238585220 = E12 M10x1.5x65 mm (Grade 12.9)(front bolts); and BMW/Mini # 32136759990 = E12 M10x1.5x45mm (Grade 10.9)(rear bolts). 12.9 is the highest metric grade and I think the factory bolts (pn 6507594AA) are grade 10.9, so these are at least equal. A little pricey, but they worked great. Now my front passenger can see out and ride in style.
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Good tip.

I have used Jeep Seat Lift Blocks before in non Jeep applications to raise non adjustable front passenger seats for the height challenged navigator.

Buy just the blocks and not the expensive kit containing blocks and bolts. You can buy longer bolts at ACE hardware. They carry a selection of bolts and other fasteners for automotive.
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