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Front Lip or Rear spoiler search

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Hey guys,
I'm in search of a front-lip spoiler for my 2007 dodge charger SXT as well as a rear spoiler. Specifically black for the two parts but I'm not picky. If you got anything interesting in the Oneonta/Rochester area or Delaware/Pennsylvania area feel free to give me a shout. Also, I'm out in Delaware right now so if anyone in the area hit me up asap because I'll be gone in a about three days.
Thanks y'all.:beerchug:
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I have to say those front lip spoilers looks amazing. Loving the dynamics it give to the car. Not sure I would want to pay as much they are going for right now though. Thinking either wait until summer when some major cash gonna start flowing in and get the Danko front-lip spoiler or settle with a decent looking one from e-bay. I have to say though the Dank spoiler looks like it well worth the wait.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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