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Front end “grinding” type sound

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I have a 2012 Charger SE with 69K on it. All 4 tires are new with less than 300 miles on them. About 10K miles ago or so I started to get a “grinding” type metal on metal type of sound in the front end at low speed when turning left or right. I have taken it to the dealer here in NE Fla and they say the front end is tight and they don’t hear any type of noise. I hear it on all type of roads/parking lots but the dealer lot go figure that. Dealer says this car does not have grease fittings so that could not be it. I don’t see any tire rubbing anywhere and don’t have any vibration in the steering wheel. Please help
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Thank You for your reply.
Would the bearing make a noise only when turning right or left not going straight?
I have not looked at the brakes myself but when I got the tires they did not say anything about the brakes being bad. I assumed the tire shop would have said something about the brakes so they could get more money and also when the dealer looked at the car they did not try to sell me anything just said they don't hear anything. You know some dealers will try to get money from you any way they can.

I took the Charger to the dealer again. This time I was getting a 4 wheel alignment because I got 4 new tires a week ago. I complained about the grinding sound again. They kept the car all day and called tech support. They were told to check the ground wire on the electric power steering unit. It was loose so they cleaned it and tightened it. No more sound and the car handles better.
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