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front air dam rivit tool

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The instructions for the front air dam show some kind of tool you use for the plastic pop rivits or whatever they're called.
Is that tool only available though dodge or would my local parts store have it?
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don't need a special can use a channel lock on those tips...hold the other part of the plastic piece (the lip part) against the air damn with your fingers (hold tight) and pull with the channel locks...worked like a charm and then just break off the rest of the plastic piece.... don't waste money on this "special tool".
its more like 5 mm....i couldn't get it to sit right at the edge and hold everything. didn't have enough hands. i had looked at different angles and liked it about where i placed it. i couldn't get the sides to sit right with the lip lined up even with the opening. shoot a pic i want to see how it came out rdbrt.
it looks great...yeah mine isn't that high. have you ordered the daytona honeycomb grill? that would look awesome. i will have to take a pic tomorrow of my front end for you.
oh that is gonna look sweet man!!!!! pics need to be up by can't wait to see it!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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