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The following rules were originally posted by HEMEEE and have been updated.

Forum Rules / Advertising Rules

Our goal is to keep this board both informational, and enjoyable, for all readers.
The basic ground rules are simple: treat each other with respect, don't break the law, and if you are interested in selling something here, please FIRST - READ and FOLLOW the guidelines in the Vendor and Buy/Sell sections of the rules below. DO NOT post ANY message that identifies your company, products or services without specific authority as outlined in those sections.

The following rules are meant as a guideline for acceptable member behavior. In some cases it may be necessary for Staff to take action based on their judgment and not on any particular rule herein. A formal point-based warning/infraction system is used to remind members of the rules, or impose sanctions, as needed. All warnings and infractions are automatically recorded and can be viewed in your profile only by the recipient and staff members. If you should receive a warning or infraction and disagree with its premise, you may discuss it with any staff member via PM – Do NOT complain in threads/posts.

We reserve the right to move, modify, delete or merge posts at our discretion and without explanation.

These rules may be amended at any time... Please review this page periodically


Only authorized Supporting Vendors are permitted to discuss their business, products, projects or services in the forum

Those vendors are easily recognized by the title "Vendor".

ALL MEMBERS: Please review the detailed Vendor Rules section below and/or contact an Administrator for permission/clarification BEFORE you make a business-related post if you are unsure of its compliance with these posted policies. Members are encouraged to report posts found in violation of this policy to any Administrator or Moderator by using the 'Report Post' feature or send one of us a Private Message.

To learn more about becoming a Supporting Vendor, please send your info to [email protected] by email or by calling +1 855-208-3936 including which website(s) you’re interested in sponsoring

Avatar and User Name:
Both must be work-safe and socially acceptable. No political, religious, adult/sexual content or language. Non-conforming avatars will be removed without notice.

Note: User Names and Avatars that clearly identify a member with a business name are not permitted unless the member is an official site sponsor. This is considered to be a form of advertising and you will be asked to change them.

Although members have the option to disable signatures, they are always visible to guest readers. There is an option in the User CP to turn off signatures for members who prefer not to view them.

Over-sized signatures are inconsiderate to members and guests viewing our forums and will be removed. An alternative would be to use the ‘Picture/Media Thread’ to list all mods, options, images, and insert a link to it in your signature. Please note that signatures will only appear in your first post on any given page of a thread.

Signature Guidelines



* Size 2 Font only.
* REGISTERED MEMBERS: If you include an image in your signature, please limit text to 2horizontal lines. Line spaces count as part of your text total. If you don't use an image you may have 3 horizontal lines of text which includes line spaces.
* PREMIUM / LIFETIME PREMIUM MEMBERS: If you include an image you may have 3 horizontal lines of text which also includes line spaces. If you don’t use an image, you may have 5 horizontal lines. Again, line spaces count as part of your text total.
* NOTE: Unauthorized vendor contacts, vendor links, non supporting vendor logos and banners, product links, and other items that violate forum rules will be removed without notice

All posts by members are the sole responsibility of that member and do not necessarily reflect the views of the forum's owners or administration. This forum, and its administration, do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of information or products represented in posts on this site, nor on 3rd party sites linked to by any member


Post new threads in the correct forum category; each category includes a brief description of what belongs there. Threads in the wrong forum will be moved to facilitate searches for information of that type.

In addition...
  • Do NOT post complaints about forum staff, warnings/infractions/bans, or site policies. Direct these matters to any Administrator or Moderator privately via PM and allow time for them to respond
  • Please welcome all newcomers with friendly advice about how to find info & resources and get involved in our community - If you can't be friendly, be quiet
  • Begin a new thread only if the subject matter has not already been posted. Like threads may be merged w/o notice
  • No cross-posting: Do not post the same thread in multiple forum sections. Duplicate threads will be merged or deleted
  • Title new threads in a meaningful way so that the subject is obvious and easily searched. The key to others locating posted information in the future depends upon it.
  • Do not post using all caps, or all bold, font: this is the equivalent to shouting on the web and is difficult to read
  • No 'post-whoring': meaningless replies do NOT contribute to the topic of discussion, higher post counts don’t make one member “better” than another, and high post count competitions tend to annoy the community and staff. Such posts are subject to removal and sanctions
  • Do not post consecutive replies: Use edit to amend an existing post or the "multi-quote" feature to respond to more than one post at once
  • If you must quote a post in a reply, please remove photos from that quote - don't make us scroll through the same photos over and over again
  • ONLY post 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' ads in the Buy/Sell Forum
  • Do NOT solicit our members to join forums/websites outside of our network. Offenders subject to suspension or ban at our discretion and w/o warning
  • Do NOT override site filters for language or URLs that have been deemed inappropriate
  • Linking to files/programs/software that can control or harm a user’s computer is prohibited
  • Do not infringe copyrights, post links to downloads, or offers for pirated copyrighted materials i.e. service manuals, copied/hacked navigation software, brand logo rip-offs, etc. This extends to posting of copyrighted articles as well. Under 'Fair Use' provisions you can legally post a small abstract of an article and include a link, or simply post the link. The exception to this rule is press releases, which are intended for distribution
2. Be respectful of others: Personal attacks and insults will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with a post, focus your argument on that post, NOT the person who posted it There is a common bond that brought each of us to this forum but, there is much diversity in age, race, gender, language, and location among our members, which will contribute to differing opinions. All opinions are welcome; disagreements and debates between members are expected on any forum, but we must insist that each member show respect when stating their opinion and respect other members' rights to their own opinions in return. Stalking, harassment or threats in posts will result in a ban

3. Report posts: Staff cannot possibly read all threads/posts, so we appreciate and rely on our members to help us keep the forum free of problem posts for you. Please REPORT spam, non-supporting vendor violations, insults & personal attacks, trolling, etc.. Please do not respond in a way that will create a greater problem. You may send a PM (with a link to the problem post please)to an Administrator or Moderator... or... click the REPORT POST icon attached to each post. This will send an immediate email alert to ALL forum staff, including a direct link to that post

4. Do not make hateful, racist, or discriminatory comments: Posts that target an individual or group based on gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability/handicap, politics or religion are strictly prohibited. Expressions of intolerance or hatred are subject to warning/infraction/ban

5. Do not 'hijack' threads: The subject of a thread is determined by the original poster. Interrupting that discussion is rude and makes it difficult to find posts that are pertinent to the thread topic. Hijack posts may be removed

6. Do not post offensive or shocking content w/o warning: You MUST Begin the title of any thread that is Not Work Safe with the letters NWS to serve as a warning to readers AND all NWS threads must ONLY be posted in Off Topic.NWS material is anything that could be considered inappropriate, indecent, gross, or offensive in mixed company, or could compromise the reader if seen on their computer screen by others.
  • If a thread is NOT labeled "NWS" by the original poster, do NOT post NWS material or links within that thread
  • ALL"NWS" threads posted outside of the Off-Topic forum will be removed
  • The line is thin as to what is acceptable, please use common sense. Any thread/post we deem inappropriate will be deleted w/o notice
  • Posts depicting nudity/partial nudity/obscene material/pornography, or links to same, are absolutely forbidden, INCLUDING in threads labeled "NWS"
7. The Off-Topic forum does not mean 'anything goes': ALL other forum rules still apply! Discussion of religion is NOT permitted due to the volatility of that topic. Such posts/threads are subject to removal and warning/ infraction/ ban. Politics can be equally volatile and only those discussions that remain respectful will be permitted to continue, however, that permission may be permanently revoked if problems persist.

8. Please do not insult our readers with offensive language or images: Profanity and explicit, obscene, or vulgar language, graphics, or similar behavior is unnecessary. Language filters are in place, but are very limited. Vulgar language not included in the filters should not be construed as acceptable. Circumvention of this policy may subject the poster to warning/infraction/ban at staff discretion

9. Solicitations: This member base is not a source to be "mined" for any purpose, including sales, contest vote solicitations, fundraisers, raffles, or donations by individuals, groups, or businesses, for profit or non-profit

10. Do not post URL's that lead to an affiliate program or that in any way earn you something or generate funds for you each time a web site is visited. We consider "earning something" to be: having an affiliate ID, web site, or if you earn money from banner impressions or click-thru's. This includes embedding links for the purpose of click throughs etc in images and videos where the member is unaware of a click through scheme

11. Misrepresentation will not be tolerated: This includes creation of multiple accounts for purposes of deception or conflict avoidance

12. Respect the privacy of fellow members: Do NOT post any private communications or contact information

13. Linking to files/programs/software which could harm anyone's computer is prohibited

14. Each member is allowed ONE user account. If there is a problem with your user name contact an Administrator by PM. All IP addresses are logged and viewable by Moderators and Administrators

The Buy/Sell forum is for private party auto-related items only:
NO ebay links - NO Vendor sales - NO commercial sales (Multiples of a same item and/or repeats of a same ad will be considered commercial)

In addition:
  • Follow ALL rules posted in the Buy/Sell forum sections
  • Do not post private party Buy/Sell ads in other forum sections
  • Must include asking price (with OBO is acceptable) - No speculation ‘feeler’ threads or bid invitations
  • Buy/Sell is a forum for conducting business, NOT a discussion/opinion forum. Reply ONLY if you have a lead on a wanted item, or are interested in the item for sale. All other posts are subject to removal
  • Let the Seller answer all questions in their thread
  • NO price-police - Seller can ask any price - Buyers can refuse w/o comment or can comment via PM. Thread-crapping posts are subject to removal
  • Please make a final post in your thread when your item is bought or sold to prevent unnecessary inconvenience for all parties
  • Negotiate via PM, not in the thread
  • Members do business at your own risk... Buyer Beware
To learn more about becoming a Supporting Vendor, please send your info to [email protected] by email or by calling +1 855-208-3936, including which website(s) you’re interested in sponsoring

ALL VENDORS: Please restrict SALES RELATED & GROUP BUY THREADS to your specific vendor forums and/or the Vendor Deals forum. For those vendors who do not have their own vendor forum, please utilize the Vendor Deal Zone forum exclusively for sales threads.

1. Offers for goods and/or services of any kind for a price is considered advertising. Such advertising is NOT permitted unless you have an official Supporting Vendor title
Our Supporting Vendors pay a fee to sponsor this forum; in return, they are entitled to the exclusive privilege of promoting their goods and services to our membership and we expect all members to respect their exclusive rights to do so.

We hope you’ll think of these forum sponsors FIRST when shopping for goods and services or when recommending them to others!

To avoid problems, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Do not post links to sales-related posts/threads on outside forums/sites
  • Do not promote goods or services purchased from a fellow member who is not a Supporting Vendor
  • Do not solicit orders, Group Buys, referrals, or business of any kind for, or on behalf of, a non-supporting vendor
  • Do not list business contact info in posts / avatars / signatures unless you have an official Supporting Vendor title
  • If you have done business with a member that is being discussed on the forum, and you are NOT a Supporting Vendor, do NOT participate in those discussion threads
  • Do not post, answer questions about, defend, promote, or advertise side line or hobby products and/or services you provide for a fee – This includes solicitations such as “PM me for more info”
  • Do not post, answer questions about, defend, promote, or advertise your company’s services, products, projects, or related events in any threads discussing your company, its products and services
  • If you are a non supporting vendor or are associated with the vendor as a vendor representative, you are NOT permitted to participate in any discussion threads about your company, its products, services and projects your company offers
2. Members MAY discuss products offered by a Non-Supporting Vendoras a general sharing post only. If, in our judgment, it appears as though you are advertising on behalf of a N/S vendor, your post/thread may be edited or deleted and subject to warning/infraction:
a) A member MAY post "I found a great product/service/price from Acme Auto" including details -That is sharing general info based on your personal experience
b) That member may NOT add to the post "Acme Auto said forum members get a special deal" -OR- "call Joe at 123-4567” or “check out this link and tell them I sent you" -That is promoting/advertising on behalf of the N/S vendor and/or the N/S vendor using you to promote/advertise on their behalf to circumvent vendor rules

c) Members may NOT promote goods and/or services purchased from a fellow member who is not a Supporting Vendor by specifically including that member’s username in posts, openly referring other members to him/her, or making statements such as "PM for more info". This will also be considered advertising on behalf of a N/S vendor and/or the N/S vendor using you to advertise on their behalf to circumvent vendor rules
d) If a member makes multiple posts/threads about a same NSV it will appear he/she is associated with, or advertising for, that vendor and that member will be warned. The line is thin and we will use our judgment as to when that line is being crossed
4. Members may NOT post links to sales-related ads/ threads/ posts on outside Forums and may NOT post copies of those ads/ posts/ threads to this Forum. Those posts will be removed and subject to warning/infraction/ban

5. Supporting Vendor Group Buys are permitted but can ONLY be posted by an official Supporting Vendor. Members may not initiate, post, or manage Group Buys, nor post threads to generate interest in a GB. All business must be conducted by the Supporting Vendor. Any member interested in getting a sponsored GB together must contact the supporting vendor of their choice to make a request. It will then be the vendor’s choice to proceed

6. Non-Supporting Vendor Group Buys, promotions, and special offers are NOT permitted to be posted, or linked to, by any member and will be removed

We want all of our members to enjoy their time here. Those who refuse to abide by these policies are asked to find a venue that suits them better, rather than create problems for our members and staff --Thank you!

Disclaimer: The content of posts and/or threads is the sole responsibility of the user who posted them and all users are responsible for their own actions. Sellers on this site are in no way related to, or affiliated with, the forum or its agents. This site does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee products, services, or transactions between users, or between users and Supporting Vendors
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