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Hi all,
I had originally bought these rotors and brake pads for my 2006 Dodge Charger R/T. It was running 20" wheels.
The rotors and brake pads are replacements for the stock equipment so they will fit perfectly on a stock charger.

The car unfortunately died before I installed the parts so I was stuck with this.
All the parts are brand new. The rotors were taken out of the box just to take pictures.
I will take cash or paypal.
I'm looking to sell all of it as a package.
I'm asking for $200 for all of it.
Below are the details.

Front Rotors:
outer diameter: 13.58"
height: 2.16"
Nom Thick: 1.11"
Min Thick: 1.04"
Hub Reg: 2.86"
Bolt Size: .67"
Bolt Circle: 5 x 4.60"
Weight: 23.00 lbs
Centric Rotors - High Carbon Alloy - Police Grade

Rear Rotors:
Outer Diameter: 12.60"
Height: 2.65
Nom Thick: 0.87"
Min Thick: 0.81"
Hub Reg: 2.86"
Bolt Size: .66"
Bolt Circles: 5 x 4.50"
Weight: 18.00 lbs
Centric Rotors - High-Carbon Alloy

Brake Pads
Raybestos Police edition

Raybestos Police Edition

I prefer to keep the sale local to the bay area so as to avoid shipping the heavy equipment.


Please send me a PM if interested!
I can answer any other questions you may have.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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