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For sale: 22" TIS #5 with Pirelli tires : $1500 : Very Good Condition!!

Hello Everyone

I have a set of 22" TIS #5 wrapped in Pirelli 265/35/22.

They are in excellent condition and the tires have about 75% tread left on them.

I am asking 1500 for the set.

Please PM me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested or need more information

Thanks for looking!!

Group Shot:

Wheel #1:

Wheel #2:

Wheel #3:

Wheel #4:


Tire Shots:


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Wheels look good but the tires look like the sidewalls have been scraping against the pavement ... either a lot of sideways driving or driven-on underinflated ...

Edit: then again, it could be whatever crap is on them to make them "shiny" ... looks like it's building up on the sidewall ... i'd have rather seen them cleaned off of any residue

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PM Replied :)

Here are some tagged pics.....

Funny "taged pic's" but good idea, it's liek hostage negotiations, SHOULD HAVE USED A NEWSPAPER AND SHOWN THE DATE OF IT :)
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