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Folks, listen up please.

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Due to recent feedback, I have a request for all hands. A couple of tips that I think will be beneficial to continued general happiness. If you think I'm addressing you personally, your most likely wrong. So no one person take this personal and get all offended.

If you are making a joke, make it clearly a joke!!!!!! Letters on a screen cannot convey emotion like a face, and your intention can be easily misconstrued, always err on the side of making %300 sure your intent/emotion is perfectly clear.

If you think someones being an ass, give them a little benefit that just maybe they didnt follow the above. If they continue to act up, use a PM to explain how you feel to them. If that does not work, the handy "Report bad post" button right there in the lower corner of the post. Also allow for differing levels of acceptable conduct.

The way I speak to a shop full of ordnanceman is not the same way I talk to an executive review board full of engineers and Captains. Make allowances, be a little thick skinned.

We're a fairly widespread community, and that is only going to become more evident as time goes on. The demograhpics on this car are all over the map, as are we.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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