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Flushing Coolant??????

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Anyone know how to flush the coolant? Will the plastic T piece work you see at autozone? It goes on your heater hose and connects to a garden hose.

We do not have a radiator cap, only a res cap.

How do you flush the system and add new coolant?

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the best way is have it done on a machine at the dealer. if you are trying to save money. ..drain the system using the drain on bottom of radiator. Afte all that is out. Fill system with water and run car until normal temp. Immediately turn off the vehicle and drain all the water out. Let it sit for hours to get as much water out as possible. Water contains fluoride and isnt great for radiators.
Fill system back up with the pink H.o.a.t coolant and distilled water. Distilled water will help add life to water pump and radiator. Add no additives to this type of coolant. After you drive a couple times go back and check coolant level as it will "burp" out air bubbles and drop in level a little over the first week
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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