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Floor Mats, Floor Mats & more Floor Mats

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It looks like I've got some choices now :)

Although, I'm pretty sure the red trimmed OEM mats are never going back in my car. The other 2 sets I'll swap out over winter.

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I have the all weather Charger mats. I leave 'em in year round.
I had considered this, but figured since the dealer threw in the SRT mats for free I'd use them during nicer weather. Plus there is something nice about having carpet rather than rubber under your feet.

However, with an MSRP of $125, I'd never use my own money to get the SRT Mats. The slush mats are a much better deal as I picked them up for under $67 on ebay with free shipping ($85 MSRP) .

I had also considered the Weathertechs until I took a ride in a friends G8. They look nice when new, but as they age and the side lip no longer fits snugly around the edge they start to look like crap.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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