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Today we had the ability to help a member from the far North!! PowerWagon896 came down to VA (9 hour drive) to allow us to Dyno Tune his car on CMR. Even with the 3.06 SRT-8 Gears, the GoManGo Daytona R/T Performed great!!!

I will say that the Flashed PCM was alot more impressive then Brand-X's Predator CMR Tunes... The only failure was Lean in the top in... Other then that It was impressive....

The results are below but since people ask for SAE numbers and I did an Uncorrected Graph... I will add in the SAE Numbers

Flash PCM - Run 1 - 396.06hp / 388.04 ft/lbs
CMR Tuning by Pro-Motion Tuning - Run 15 - 408.13hp/ 398.73 ft/lbs
Gains of 12.7hp and 10.69 ft/lbs



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