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Five_Oh gets his Steel Blue

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Yesterday morning my phone rang. It was Matson. "Sir, your car is ready for pick up."
:banana: :rocker: :banana: :alfdance: :rocker:

Below is my first glance of her!

Wow! She actually looks a lot better in person than she did on the internet!
She had a layer of dirt on her from the voyage but this car looked totally
awesome! This is the first time I've seen this car since it had to be shipped
to Hawaii from Washington. I decided to give her the once-around.

Man! I was very pleased with my purchase! I checked up the inspection,
went inside and signed her out and then we were off! Prior to ordering my
Charger I was told that the navigation feature would not work in Hawaii. I
ordered it anyway. On my way out of the shipping dock and pulled over and
punched a few buttons on my dash and viole! NAVIGATION! I am very
pleased to announce that the nav unit works like a charm! Unfortunately, the
Sirius radio does not. Oh well.

While the stock exhaust sounded o.k. coming out of the docks it was far from
the way I wanted my HEMI to vocalize. We left the dock for a tank of 92
octane and then went straight to Exhaust Systems Hawaii for some new pipes!
Inside I met up with Roland. I had planned on installing a cat-back Super 44
system with 2.5" pipe and reso-delete. Roland recommended to go with the
Super 40s instead. He explained that the Super 44 often have a high pitched
wine at certain RPMs that has caused a few complaints. Roland went on to
explain that the 4" body Super 44s will provide less flow than the 5" Super 40
s and that with the HEMI I'd be better off with the increased flow. Roland
assured me that if he was installing on his Charger he'd go with the Super 40
s over the Super 44s. Since he spends at least 40 hours a week installing and
listening to exhaust systems I took his advice and went with the Super 40s.

Here we see the stock exhaust.

This one is a little blurry. I guess I was nervous.

Out with the old, in with the new!

And here we have the new installation all painted up and ready to rock! :rocker:

And a view with her back on terra firma. The tips are a little sedate but a
nice improvement over stock.

From here I drove her home to show the wife and wash off the grime! :driving:
Tomorrow she'll get properly registered and maybe tint! I've got a few more
mods on the to-do list. I'll keep you guys posted.

I am totally jazzed for this car! :rocker:
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Finally!! Look good though!

I had to create a new account to better represent my current driving situation!
I'd come over to watch that...err...I mean help out :D
I'm easy, you may have to remind me later in the week.
HA...well that didn't come out as I planned. But yeah, remind me that I am easy this week...wait a minute...
Guess you don't need me on Saturday. Have you had a chance to run it really hard yet? I figured it would have at least been a nocitible RPM change.
1 - 5 of 440 Posts
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