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Five_Oh gets his Steel Blue

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Yesterday morning my phone rang. It was Matson. "Sir, your car is ready for pick up."
:banana: :rocker: :banana: :alfdance: :rocker:

Below is my first glance of her!

Wow! She actually looks a lot better in person than she did on the internet!
She had a layer of dirt on her from the voyage but this car looked totally
awesome! This is the first time I've seen this car since it had to be shipped
to Hawaii from Washington. I decided to give her the once-around.

Man! I was very pleased with my purchase! I checked up the inspection,
went inside and signed her out and then we were off! Prior to ordering my
Charger I was told that the navigation feature would not work in Hawaii. I
ordered it anyway. On my way out of the shipping dock and pulled over and
punched a few buttons on my dash and viole! NAVIGATION! I am very
pleased to announce that the nav unit works like a charm! Unfortunately, the
Sirius radio does not. Oh well.

While the stock exhaust sounded o.k. coming out of the docks it was far from
the way I wanted my HEMI to vocalize. We left the dock for a tank of 92
octane and then went straight to Exhaust Systems Hawaii for some new pipes!
Inside I met up with Roland. I had planned on installing a cat-back Super 44
system with 2.5" pipe and reso-delete. Roland recommended to go with the
Super 40s instead. He explained that the Super 44 often have a high pitched
wine at certain RPMs that has caused a few complaints. Roland went on to
explain that the 4" body Super 44s will provide less flow than the 5" Super 40
s and that with the HEMI I'd be better off with the increased flow. Roland
assured me that if he was installing on his Charger he'd go with the Super 40
s over the Super 44s. Since he spends at least 40 hours a week installing and
listening to exhaust systems I took his advice and went with the Super 40s.

Here we see the stock exhaust.

This one is a little blurry. I guess I was nervous.

Out with the old, in with the new!

And here we have the new installation all painted up and ready to rock! :rocker:

And a view with her back on terra firma. The tips are a little sedate but a
nice improvement over stock.

From here I drove her home to show the wife and wash off the grime! :driving:
Tomorrow she'll get properly registered and maybe tint! I've got a few more
mods on the to-do list. I'll keep you guys posted.

I am totally jazzed for this car! :rocker:
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Thanks for all the congrats! :beerchug:

I got a PM asking my opinion on the Flowmaster 40 sound. I like it. The reso-delete gives it a lot more umph. When this car starts you can certainly tell its got a HEMI. The growl is far and away better than the stock purr. However, this exhaust isn't for everyone. I can hear it when I'm driving around town at ALL rpms and louder at certain rpms. A friend of mine was following me last night as I "pulled away" from him. He called my cellular and said that the car sounded really mean even when I was pulling away. He said it was plenty loud. This makes me glad I didn't get the Super 44s since they would have been even louder. The Super 40s are vocal enough. Sorry, I don't have anything to record a sound byte with. But, if you want an aggressive sound and you want to let everyone know you're driving with a purpose... the Super 40s with reso-delete and 2.5" tubes will foot the bill. :rocker:
I'm in Kaneohe. Hopefully I can make the next M&G. That would be a great opportunity to listen to some of these exhaust options up close.

Time will tell how tolerant I am of the Flow40s. I wanted it as raunchy as possible when I was dreaming about picking her up and planning all the stuff I was going to do to her. She sounds pretty mean now. If the neighborhood complains to much I might look at making a change.
beautiful charger. good choice with exhaust systems hawaii. i went with the 44's myself, all that matters is that you like what you bought. cant wait to hear it some day. dont forget to check out the dodge ikonz car/truck club, just check out the link in my sig.( hi chapter) hope you enjoy the islands!
I'll check out the link for sure!

Actually, I've been living in Hawaii for 18 years. I'm a 15 year vet in the HPD and I purchased this car from Washington because it was so much cheaper even with the shipping costs. This will be my patrol car. I get my radio/siren/light installed tomorrow. So... if you're driving on the windward side and are suddenly stricken with a chill of fear and intrepidation there is probably a creature made of Blue Steel and Horsepower lurking in your rearview ready to pounce. :icon_evil:

Actually, after a few disappointing losses to some import jackrabbits and a seat-staining trip down the windward side of the H3 at over 100mph after a guy I zapped coming out of the tunnel at 129mph I decided my V6 Explorer wasn't the best car for the job when it comes to proactive traffic enforcement. My Charger is a HUGE step up from the Ford and I love driving it.
Well if you see a Inferno red w/ a ram air hood coming at ya just let em go k? :driving: :pray:

Edit: Oh... forgot to mention... just added K&N CAI. :eek:hyeah:
Congrats, my Steel Blue Brethren!
P.S. Molding won't regret it:
I've been tossing that idea around. I can't help but feel that because this is a "work car" that it would be best to leave the molding in place to protect the sides. I have to park in all sorts of places and people aren't always as cautious with thier own vehicle doors as they should be.
Car looks great man, I have an 07 R/T same color. I think there is a LEO this side of the island same color too, I was coming down the [email protected] yesterday and a bike flys by on the right and I get behind him so he slows way down. I was getting off the next exit, funny thing is though I swear he thought I was HPD cuz he looked back finally and see's no light and takes off, me and the wife were laughing our asses off.
lol... very true. When I see a Charger on the road I usually assume that its a PO. I look for the antenna and for unapproved mods (usually non-mopar rims).

Maybe he had a Charger at home and he was just checking out yours? :beerchug:
Lovin' the doors! And those blue headlamps are also a nice touch. :coolgleamA:
If I could get away with those doors I certainly would do it. I have to keep mine mostly stock since mine is a work car. Here's some pics of mine on-duty.

I am seriously considering a suspension kit (sway bars, springs, ect). I think the slight drop and the added cornering ability would be worth the cost.
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Thanks for the heads up on the shocks. I was just looking at the kits online and I noticed that there weren't any shocks included. I was under the impression that it was all in one kit. Oh well, I'm not in any rush. I'll keep looking around. I'm leaning toward the Hotchkis kit only because I've read that their swaybars are a little stiffer. As long as the drop is less than 2" I think I can get away with it at work.

Dude, I am totally loving the doors but I could never do that to my car since I have to use it as a patrol cruiser. Otherwise... bammo!.. I'd have it.
I went to Waipahu and got the Super 40 reso delete with 2.5" tubes and SS tips. I paid right at about $700 with the corporate discount. I like the sound. The more I drive it the louder it seems. I think because I work midnights it seems louder because the rest of the world is so quiet. Sometimes I wonder if I'm waking people up as I roll through some of the neighborhoods. As long as I keep my foot out of it its pretty sedate. Its starting to sound a little better though as I approach the 1000 mile mark. Sounds a little less tinny... not that it was bad in the beginning.

Oh... did I mention I got 35% ceramic tint the other day at TnT in Salt Lake? I went with the ceramic due to all the electronics in the car. The ceramic stuff is suppose to be non-conductive and won't obstruct radio, gps, cellular, ect.. signals. All 5 windows plus a black vinyl strip at the top of the rear window and a strip of 15% on the windshield added up to about $400 with the corporate discount. The tint is nice though. There is a noticible reduction in heat. The look is pretty dark from the outside while visibility is still pretty good. I'll take some pics soon.
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You'll find me patrolling Kaneohe during the midnight shift. I shoot a lot of laser and hunt for DUIs.
I took a few new pics today. The only visual mod since the last pics is the window tint. I've also added hood struts.

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Does Ron's sell Predators and for how much?

I'd prefer to pick one up locally if they're available unless the price is drastically different.
I took a few pics this morning showing off my newly painted and branded calipers. For a $30 mod I think it came out great!

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I called Ron's Performance. They don't sell Predator Tuners, only Superchip and one other.
Sorry to hear about your friend, bro. That's why I do what I do.

Love the shot of the bikes. You're not one of those crazy bastards that puts twin turbos on the Gixxer are ya?
Five Oh i cant believe you took ur baby that CLOSE to the water! brave soul you are....great pics!
My kids said the same thing. That "beach" is on a bay where there is zeeero surf/waves. The sand is tightly packed and there is pretty much no chance of disaster. Thanks though. ;)
No. I called Ron's and they said they don't carry it. I was going to order from MarylandSpeed and get the free interface kit they offer. It doesn't show up as free until you add their kit to the package.

I'm also wondering if I should go ahead and get the upgraded SLP Predator just in case I decide to slap on some headers in the future. If I do add headers it will probably be a year or three down the road. By that time I'll probably be ready for heads/cam/headers. Meh, they'll probably have something even better out by then. I'll just wait and save the $65.
I found some of the predators on ebay for decent prices, slightly less than others, but I think I will also order from MarylandSpeed, so why are you up at this time?
I work midnight shift.

If youre not planning on putting the SLP headers on for that long period of time I would probably save the difference, and then later maybe change your mind and your not stuck with the SLP specific predator! Also I would love to do Heads, cam and all that good stuff but I would hate to void the warranty!
Exactly! I'm betting I'll be close to the end of my warranty in three years if I don't decide to buy the extended. I think when the time comes and I have the money in my hands ready to buy the extended warranty... I'll probably like the idea of heads/cam/headers better! :rocker:
you didnt get the lifetime powertrain??? I paid the extra 3K to get the lifetime bumper to bumper warranty, so for me the dream of heads/cam/headers is just a dream :confused:
Naw, I already knew I'd get the "mod-bug" real quick with this car. I figured I'd wait and just pay cash for the extended if the car was still "eligible" before the 3 year factory warranty ended.

Just ordered:
- DS Predator w/interface kit
- Jet 180* T-stat
- LED Conversion Kit in Blue from AAC
- Mini LEDs in blue for floorboard area

I also put in a note in the purchase asking to swap out the blue vanity LEDS for warm white. My wife will surely slap my head if she can't put on her makeup in my car and that ain't gonna happen with a blue vanity light. :slap:
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