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whats up y'all. i've been ghosting on this forum for a while but it's time to creep out from the shadows and make my first post...

anyways, i just got my '07 charger SE 3.5 today and i'm really excited. it's my first new car and i worked hard for it so naturally i want to protect it as much as i need to get my security system straight.

i'm planning on getting some nice rims in a month or two so i want to get a car alarm that will protect against somebody trying to jack them. i'm going to get wheel locks when the time comes but i read that alarms with tilt sensors will do the trick as well so i'm wondering if anybody could recommend a basic alarm system that has the following features:

- tilt sensor
- starter kill
- loud audible alarm

i was thinking about getting lojack, but i'm kinda shying away from it since i think getting an alarm - especially one with starter kill - would be a better use of money. i see that viper and clifford alarms are the choice for a lot of you, but do they have any models with all the features above?

also, how would you incorporate a mini piezo siren into the security system?

i appreciate any advice...thanks!
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