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Hey everybody! I asked a few questions about an R/T build or motor swap a couple years ago when I first got the car. I have the 2007 R/T with Road&Track (so no VVT). This is going to be a verrryyy long post so I apologize in advance :beerchug:

About 2 weeks after getting all excited and starting the planning process I ended up starting a strength & fitness company so most of my car/mod funds ended up helping me on the business front. With that said, I am now almost at a point again where I can start affording to dump lots of $$ into the project I dreamed of oh so long ago!

So far I have: Mopar CAI, Superchips tune and a few styling mods.

I DO NOT WANT NITROUS (for those who will try to tempt me with the cheaper option) lol

Right now I am just creating a template in SmartDraw for myself to plan what to add/subtract/change etc. and at what times. For example, I have split the one big project into smaller projects (smaller purchases) to allow a spread of modifications over a couple/few years rather than dropping 30k into my car at once.

So my current categories are as follows;
- Body / Interior Styling (exc. rims/tires)
>> Wide Body kit, paint job, interior panels/dashboard changed, headlights.

- Air Intake Performance (inc. any functional hood alterations)
>> CAI, hood w/ scoop, throttle body, intake manifold, forced induction.

- Bottom End/Engine Internals Performance
>> Block alterations/swaps, forged parts, camshaft, crankshaft, timing chain, pistons, heads, rods, braided lines, injectors, . (ANYTHING I'M FORGETING PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)

- Transmission
>> Conversion to 6-spd manual OR upgrade to semi-auto ("clutchless") 5 (or6) speed.

- Exhaust Performance
>> Headers, cat, cut-outs, cat-back exhaust.

- Chassis, Suspension & Traction
>> Coilovers / springs&shocks / air-bags, sway-bar/strut-brace (front & rear), radials / aluminum wide-rims, legal drag tires / wide performance tires, control arms (upper & lower).

- ECU / PCM, Tuning
>> Laptop with harness & tuning software for basic track/road tunes myself, I WILL be taking the car to a dyno for a heavy tune when we start introducing alterations to the internals and FI.

I would like to know if there is ANYTHING I am missing :confused:

I plan on focusing on one category at a time so I'd like some input on what would be a good order. Here are some other questions I would appreciate some input on :D

1. I would like to go FI (hopefully twin-turbo) eventually but don't trust the stock internals. Is the block solid enough to simply switch out everything for forged parts or SHOULD I simply look into a completely forged 6.1 build? I am not looking to build a 1000rwhp beast here, 600rwhp is my end-goal.

2. If I keep the block, should I (and will it STILL be strong enough) bore/stroke it to a 372 or 392 and begin from there?

3. I know that some 6.1 AftMrkt exhausts are 2.75", would 2.5" still give adequate flow considering the FI and larger displacement?

4. Is a twin turbo set up WORTH doing (keeping in mind the sheer HP I can achieve vs. a single SC) or will it require altering the positions of lots of parts underneath the car since that'll be a lot of extra piping?

5. My plan was to work on the air intake (except for FI) first to make sure it can take in as much air N/A as possible >> THEN work on the exhaust portion of the car (assuming the fittings and sizes are ok before AND after changes to the block) >> THEN I'm looking at an upgraded transmission (not sure what or how yet [advice please!]) >> THEN once everything is in place (hopefully) start rebuilding the bottom end with forged internals... >> ONCE all that is done and dusted I'll focus on the suspension and styling of the car.

It will be a VERY expensive build. But I love my car and firmly believe that if you look after your car it will look after you! So I plan on keeping my custom baby for many many many years to come :driving:

Thanks for any input you guys have and if you've read this far I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond!

Have a great evening guys!
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