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I was leaving guitar center the other day and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, there was a 2013 BMW M3 with 2 rather big "frat" looking guys inside. I come from the town of Athens, Ga. Its not uncommon to encounter bimmer after bimmer in this rich, college kid, town. Anyways, I revved my engine just for laughs. It sparked a small street race between us. I assumed the M3 would have me due to differences in weight and power. Much to my surprise I pulled ahead when we took off. Not by a whole lot, but I definitely won that round.
Maybe it was because it was just me in my car with a little less than half a tank of gas. The only mods I have currently are K&N CAI, 180 tstat, Flowmaster Catback, and Predatior CAI 93 oct tune. the M3's are putting 420hp to the crank, of course there is some loss when looking at what the car is actually putting to the ground.
Either way I am stoked. I know the conditions werent really controlled enough to say. Maybe it was just a driver thing. Ehhh..
Next step is shorty headers. Anyone have advice as far as that.
Also, what kind of tires will cater to the street and strip? I know radials are the best way, but I am on a tight rope with how much I can be spending on my car...says my wife.:bowdown:
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