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Thats right guys... The DiabloSport CMR Tuning Software has opened up the doors to all of our wildest dreams!! We all wanted more power and now we have the chance to get it safely!!! We have proven without a doubt the CMR works... We are now taking the show on the road to get all the LX Members dialed in perfectly!

Want More Power?
Want More Torque?
Want No Knock Retard?
Or if you got Heads and Cams, Want to drive your car to its Fullest?

If you answered yes to any of these, Keep reading...We got a plan in the works to get you there quickly, however we need your help...

The Details...

We are Authorized CMR Tuners who have had the CMR Software since the Official release date on Oct 26, 2007 and have shown great gains no matter the mods on the vehicle!

We are now also supported by Head and Cam Manufacturer, FRANK RACING. Here is a link to the details on that...

We will set a date, we will set the location, and we will set the price. After all that is set and its something you wish to attend, we will look forward to seeing you soon!!....

So what do we need to get the final details done?

We are putting the feeler out there to find where those members in your region are located so we can pick a centralized location to get as many members to one location as possible..This will allow us to set up a Dyno Rental in your region and we all will meet there to complete your tuning process. This is the first part in the process. Please respond with your ZIP Code if you are interested in getting tuned! This will allow us to determine what location will work best. Also it will determine if we need to hit several locations in one week within your region. We have no problem with that!!

After we have a few locations hammered down, I will be able to contact the dyno owners within those locations to work out pricing on Dyno Rental. Our goal is to keep these prices as low as possible. Once this price is fixed for us, and we can secure a date with the owner, we will release pricing to your region!

Once pricing is released, we can move forward. Remember we are coming to your region.. We will be flying there from VA and look forward to meeting all of you and getting you tuned. I will also plan to make this a big Meet & Greet as well for those members who are not looking to get tuned so we all can have a great time...

Again... this is a feeler... Once I have all the Zip codes... I will give this about a week, then I will then begin looking into various shops. If you guys have used a shop and have had a great experience with them, Let me know... I would love to hear about them! We do perfer to use DYNOJET Equipment as we currently own one ourselves, but we are EFI Certified so we dont mind using the Load Based Dynos either...

Some small details about the pricing... This will be under $999. Also if you are currently using or will be using our Mail tune ( price will be deducted by that payment of $129.99!! We dont double charge!! Final Pricing will secure the dyno rental and all expenses to have your car properly tuned. We just need you to supply the car, gas, and the predator!

Interested? Questions? Comments? Suggestions? LET ME KNOW... I want to hear from you... I want to know whats on your mind...

Warmest Regards,

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01938. Definately interested. I have a Cherokee SRT8, Running DR Heads and Comp 268 cams. I need a TUNE!!!!
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