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F.S. Aftermarket audio stuff must sell asap

First off i do not want to sell this but have no choice, went crazy spending money this last month i got in some serious money trouble , therefore this is my only option i have left, i should have known better than to empty my account. i tried taking it back and they said tough luck it is not even a week sounds awsome very loud bass is so deap that the roofline looks like waves, the gain on the amp is turned only halfway up also, great system beautiful box made custom, looks big but not really that big about 14in deep and fits between wheel wells perfect. and the amp looks great mounted flush in the front of it.

first-Pioneer premier prs-5000 spl class D mono $900 awesome amp

second-Pioneer premier 12in tws3002 spl $250,00.html

third-custom box,wire,fusetap,line output converter $401.50

Fourth-batcap I paid $249 there site says $229 i got screwed i see

Add it up i paid $1780 before tax $1886.80

What do you guys think is fare please dont insult me.

This is less than a week old

It sounds amazing ask anyone who has this setup or amp or sub. My friends has a jl 12w7 and jl 1000/1 amp and our systems sounds identicle.

I am located by notre dame campus (indiana)

any questions feel free to ask?


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Wow... You're even local.

Nice looking system, hope you sell it soon.
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