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So i got a second set of wheels from a guy at work, powdercoated them, and now that what I have on my car as seen below. These were on my car when I purchased it, so I am assuming they have 15,000 miles on them like the car(I only have 2,000 on them). The wheels look perfect except for one that is pictured has a small clearcoat "tear/peel" I also have Continental Tires, not sure the type, but they have the run-flat sealant in them.

Looking for $350 for the wheels, $50 for the tires, also looking for any trades, I need a 68 style deep dish grille (all black), or Projector/led headlights (black).

Local Pickup is preferred in Chicagoland area, shipping will be extra!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts