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SOLD: 05-07 VES brand new, modified for Video out.

It fits 2005-2007 LX cars. Part #82209382AC, Medium Slate Gray color.

I bought this brand new, still have the receipt so you can get the 12 month warranty on it (11 months left). I will post pics later today or tomorrow, but the unit is flawless. Unit was plugged in and tested, but never actually installed. I modified it for a Video out feed to route the video to the front radio (as per this post).

ALL ORIGINAL ITEMS (DVD player, brackets, harness, headphones, remote, mounting hardware, manuals, etc.) are included, just like it was from the dealer.

Some links to help you decide and do your own research on the VES:

Install instructions:

Asking $650 shipped. I can do paypal +3% fee.
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