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***Exterior Mods----Blew Me Away***

Catchy line isn't it? Well kinda goes with my new mod.

Look what Santa got me in October.........
Thanks Santa Heidi,

In all seriousness I took a very long trip to their facility yesterday and man what a thrill I was blown away. I was like a little kid at Walt Disney. I was left in aww by the massive machines they have producing our fine "jewelery" for our cars. From the minute I walked in I was treated with the utmost respect. They were very sincere and upfront and that added another plus in my book. The product that they had instock really was awesome. I highly recommend them to anyone. Look at the custom work they did for me. I am very thankful and appreciate their time and effort especially Heidi and Nick. These are just my personal opionions and am in no way affiliated with them other than being a 1st time customer.

Billet Technologies has earned my $$$$ for the future.........:tongue:

OK I know stop the blabbing show me the product ok here it is:

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