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Exhaust Question

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What is rhis "bryillcream"<sp> set up i hear about.I Have a 06 Daytona
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It used to confuse me too, its when you take tha ugly looking suitcase thing off from the center of your exhaust and replace it with a straight pipe.
Say hello to MDS drone if ya do though
Yeah i'm seeing alot about the "Drone".I'm looking for something that will not break the bank,but have a Mean sound,at idle and WOT.with out to much cabin noise(my wife will hang me)
I just installed a true dual exhaust with Flowmasters (H-Pipe). IT SOUNDS GREAT but it was a little pricey at $600.00 but I didn't have to lift a finger. I have a K&N Air Intake that I am putting on later today, It should make it sound even better and give me a little more boost. Good Luck with the wife! Mine gave me a little crap about the noise but she has taken it to work the past few days and seems to love it better than the minivan!!
guys. there is NO mds drone if you brylcreem. NONE. the resonators on the rear that your tips ar welded to prevent drone. the suitcase does nothing of that sort and makes your engine sound more like a hemi. and there is virtually no cabin noise. this is one of the most subtle mods you can do to your exhaust.

you wont regret doing it ;)
bumble bee is correct ;)

mufflers have no effect on the drone, its the resonators (those things we have that look like tips) that take care of that. removing the resonators is called the tuna can mod.
After many hours of reading topics on making the hemi sound louder without the dreaded drone that my prior SS silverado had with flowmasters installed I am am having the suitcase muffler replaced with straight pipes(brylcreme mod) next week.
I highly recommend the Brylcreem, you won't regret it.
74frisky just had his done ;) im glad you enjoy it man, im sure you will too randy.

i took the plunge 4K+ miles ago and still love it. and will reccomend(as you probly noticed in more than 1 thread here hehe) it to everyone lookin to improve exhaust note quick and cheap and drone free.
I think i get her done this week.I'll let ya know how it goes.
After a couple days with the brlycream mod it does make the stock exhaust slightly louder. At highway speeds on a quiet road with no radio on or windows open I can hear the tone change when changing to gas saver mode.
This made my Daytona louder which made me realize I really want a change of tone-more of a deep sound(as my 03 Silverado SS sounded with Flowmasters) instead of the raspy sound I have now.My local muffler shop has recommended going with flowmasters 40(maybe it was 45 series) mufflers in place of the stock resonaters.I really loved the sound of my prior truck but I do not want all the drone that I had with my truck. I like the idea of this set-up because I would get some better looking tips installed also, but I am worried about the drone which I think could be very annoying with my Daytona slipping in and out of the gas saving mode.
Any thoughts ?
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Inrandy39 talk to Jr at fullthrottleperformace he will help you out. He knows his stuff and hes local here in Indy, im going next week to talk about what i want to do with my exhaust. Tell him brian sent you over. Laters.
Let's not confuse drone with exhaust note.

Drone is when a standing resonance is set up inside the cabin... if the tone is loud enough and at the right frequency (in our case, that comes around 2000-2200 RPM), the interior will resonate with an endless "whhhooooooooooooo" that seems to be coming from all around, and it can get VERY annoying.

With MDS what you get is an exhaust tone change. The engine is going from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders using the exact same exhaust manifold tuning (the collection points) so of course the overall tone is going to change. At best it will sound like an angry GM V6 (3.1 liter early 90s vintage) with a bad muffler. Hence why the only approach is to muffle that sound, or perhaps absorb the portions of that exhaust note that will be considered annoying.

The MDS tone doesn't bother me much, inside the car. No idea how it sounds outside, but then again I don't really care whether people are listening to my car at 60mph as they come alongside. If I happen to care, I just nudge it into [5] and cancel MDS. :)

Anyway, it would appear that removing the resonators will increase the sound volume and change the tone enough to result in that standing wave drone (see references to "tuna boat" elsewhere using search). Removing the suitcase seems to affect overall volume but it doesn't appear to be enough to result in that standing wave drone. That's why I went with the suitcase option.
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