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Well today I was finally getting around to replacing the old convertor with the new one...Everything was going great until I spotted the large cracks in my flexplate....Well now I am dead in the water since going with an OEM unit doesn't make sense at this point.

I made a quick call to HHP to confirm that they had one on the shelf before I placed my online order. Josh confirmed he could get one out for me and I placed my order.

Now this is the best part, Josh called me back as soon as he saw me order just to let me know he had received the order and could save me some money!!

That's right he called me to let me know me order was being taken care of and I should have my flexplate in the morning:biggrinjester:

Now how many speed shops would take the time to make sure a customer is taken care of? Not many.

Thanks HHP for the great service and I look forward to working with you guys again!
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