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EVIC DATA - What Do these Mean?

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OK went to the RT and pulled up the diagnostic mode. What exactly do these mean:

1) VTA trig: NONE
>198 Lgt:237 (note that the arrow and 198 can be changed by pressing the arrow button on the steering wheel. What does this do?

HBduty: 0%

2) Last Chime Req :abs
VMM 419

3) MinL = 191 MinR = 200
LT=44 Rt=6
(note that the LT and RT move under accelerationL LT goes up and RT down)
19g Avg=49

Hope someone can explain these especially the >198 as it was 196 and I pressed the arrow button twice.

Thanks in advsance
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EVIC Code List

Is there a list of EVIC codes and/or functions?
Who guards this secret?
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