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EVIC 2007 Dodge Charger RT

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Hi there,

So today I learned about EVIC and that some cars have them installed others don't. I haven't found anything out there yet that shows how to enable EVIC for a 2007 model dodge charger RT but it seems like it's something that I may possibly have?

I'd like to know if my car has this EVIC and if it does how I can enable it. Can anybody here please direct me to the appropriate thread?

p.s. - My check engine light came on while idling this afternoon and I'd like to get it checked out before I commute home (100 km drive away).

UPDATE: The Error code was P0524 (Low Oil Pressure). I immediately checked oil levels, they were low but not horribly low but I topped it up. I also closely monitored Oil Pressure EVIC units during commute home/work with no problems. Just for good measure, I also checked my gas cap and that was on fine. I read somewhere else that this error seems to be a known issue on 2007 model chargers (mine), and the remedy suggested is a PCM flash. I took my car into the Dodge dealership near my work for this to be done. They're charging me $130.00 CDN for the flash. Not sure if this is something that should be covered or not. They say the car will be done by this afternoon so hopefully that fixes the problem (knock on wood).
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I found this, haven't tried it yet but I will in a bit (fingers crossed)

UPDATE: I tried the technique shown in the video link above (press NAV & MUSIC buttons on steering wheel for about 6 sec)... it worked, I now have EVIC enabled. Some cool things there.

NOTE: I haven't had a chance to check the check engine light/error code yet, I tried but nothing happened. Maybe I did the on-off-on-off-on trick too slowly, I hear the whole thing has to be within 3 seconds for it to work.
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