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Ever get high RPMs but not accerate?

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Driving on the highway doing about 70.
Slap the peddle to the floor to accelerate, and less then a second later complete lift the foot off the gas (usually do this because someone has decided to change lanes right in front of me).

After my foot comes off, the RPMs jump to 6,000 yet my speed remains the same.

Anyone else notice this? Is there a reasoning for this behavior?
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yes you hear the engine rev up.
This is the 2nd 2015 Charger I have driven and could replicate this behavior in both.
It makes me wonder if you suddenly took your foot out of the pedal at normal highway speed if you would see the rpm drop to idle almost immediately.
Tried this a couple of times around 70 and 75.
Each time the rpms remained constant.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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