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I searched, and did not see this question before, so I thought I would ask to see what others think.

My question is: Is it true if you turn the key while moving forward, you can....just kidding:silenced:

My real question is hard to phrase, so forgive me if it takes miles to get to the destination.

With anti-lock brakes, pumping the brakes is counterproductive, and diminishes, or minimizes the effect of the ABS system, although for years, old-timers (myself included) were taught to "pump" the brakes to avoid lock-ups.

Fast forward to now. With ESP, would counter-steering aggravate a slide/spin? Assuming ESP is enabled, it begins to do its voodoo to prevent you from spinning out. What I am wondering, is ESP fast enough to counteract your reaction to a spin, particularly if you over react?

Most of my vehicles have been RWD, and my current vehicle, is an '02 Firebird, with LSD. It is second nature to counter-steer, particularly in snowy weather. I am a few months away to putting my order in for an '08 R/T, and I am wondering if I should try to "forget" how to counter-steer?

Any thoughts or insights?
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