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Erratic stereo behavior on 2013 Charger w/ touch screen

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Hello all... I have a 2013 Charger that has been experiencing a problem since this past Sunday. I am planning to take it to the dealer, but was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on it as well.

Basically, I will be listening to music (Player/USB mode) and it will switch to radio, without me touching the screen. Other times, it will switch from radio to Player/Aux mode. I have seen it happen when adjusting controls below the screen (e.g. temp buttons or volume knob) as well as at random times when I'm just driving and not touching anything except the wheel.

New and improved link. At the beginning, see what happens when I turn the volume knob. Then skip to 1:05 for more weirdness.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Do you have the dreaded 160 amp alternator? When it starts going out all kinds of strange electrical things happen. I had a lot of "key not found", "key has left the vehicle", then my radio started making "popping" noises, then I could hear what sounded like a police siren a few blocks off in the distance chasing me (unnerving!)

When it became a loud whine I replaced it as I couldn't wait for the recall. I have read that a lot of cars with the 180 amp alternator are also having problems with them.
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