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Engine Coolant Temp Gauge & Sensor Install Help! (No Evic)

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I am looking at installing a Engine Coolant Temp Gauge to monitor engine temps. I am not liking the limited info from the gauge cluster and want more detailed info. I do not have EVIC. I am going to install an aftermarket gauge for my gauge pod. Does anybody have any recommendations on where to install the sensor? Instructions say to use the upper Radiator hose right before it enters the radiator. Our hose in the 2006 5.7L Hemi has a spring inside the hose to my knowledge. Do I cut into that and install a sensor adapter "T" (see below), or is there a better place? I would like to leave the stock sensor alone that is located under the AC unit. I am told that the engine side hose Diameter is 1 3/4" and the radiator side is 1 1/2" in diameter. So I figured I would split that and go with a 1 5/8" hose adapter (see below) and install it in the middle of the hose. Is that a good option?

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The upper radiator hose is the best place, Your plan sound reasonable. You may have to cut the internal spring (if present) to add the adaptor, or compress it back to clear.
I hope that I cut it in the right spot so I get a nice tight fit........ Is it tricky cutting through that radiator spring so you get a nice clean cut?
Cut the hose first using a sharp knife and then use wire cutters to cut the spring.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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