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Last night I installed el wire into my 2014 charger SE, and i was following a video on youtube where the guy hard wired it into his footwell light and he had 4 wires running into his, my charger had 2 (red and black) so i spliced the wires from the el wire and my footwell led together and it works, BUT i want my el wire to run while i’m driving and not when i open my doors or turn the light nob all the way up so all my lights come on (map lights, door lights, etc) because i think it defeats the purpose to have a glowing led that only comes on when lights are on.

simply i want to know where i can splice the wires to make it run while my headlights OR just something that gets power at night like my ambient lighting scroll wheel or something so when i’m driving at night it works, but in the day time it doesn’t so it won’t burn out.

the picture of what it looks like now is above, but again it only works when my doors are open or my lighting scroll wheel it’s all the way up to turn all the lights on in, and sorry for the long thread i just don’t want any confusion. Thanks!
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