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Just a quick bit of info about the DRI WASH 'n GUARD Products:

The flagship product is the Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze. This is the "Classic" product that's been around for 15+ years. With this product, you clean, polish, seal and UV protect in one step. You simply spray the product onto the surface, wipe it in with a terry towel, the product will haze over quickly, then take a microfiber towel and buff it to a shine. That's it. You can do you whole car in about 10-15 minutes.

The latest product is the Ultra-Ion(tm) Waterless Car Wash and Protective Glaze, which is an ionized formula, rather than a molecular formula (as in the Classic). What this means is that it will attack any organic material (bird droppings, bugs, etc) much better than the the Classic, and will also impart a small electric charge on the vehicles surface (from WikiPedia: An ion is an atom or group of bonded atoms which have lost or gained one or more electrons, making them negatively or positively charged) which means that dust will not be attracted to the surface as much as with the Classic.

There are also other products: like the Premium Metal Polish, which is awesome on polished aluminum, or any other metal that is not clear coated; The Carpet and Fabric is also remarkable at removing stains from upholstery; The Leather and Vinyl, which cleans and protects leather surfaces without making them slippery; The Tire and Trim which gives your tires and rubber weatherstipping a nice semi-gloss finish, rather than a "wet look" finish; and of course the Oxygone(tm), which is a mild abrasive to remove oxidation from older, sun bleached paint, as well as hard water spots.
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