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Hey everyone,

I have a 2006 R/T charger 5.7L with foldable mirrors.

I had a cracked mirror glass on my driver side mirror. I detached the mirror glass with a backing plate from the motor, but when I did so, there were two wires soldered onto the mirror glass (not the glass itself, but a black thin circuitry).

I went ahead and yanked those two wires off the black circuitry. Then, I removed the mirror glass from the thin black circuitry. Finally, I removed the thin black sheet from the backing plate itself. A double tape adhesive was the only thing left on that backing plate.

Question 1: If those wires were connected to my mirror glass, does it mean they were heated?

Question 2: Where could I buy another thin black circuitry that I could install on my backing plate? Also, how would I attach those wires, because there were held with silicone.

The circuitry and mirror glass were very hard to pull away from each other, besides it was already slightly ripped, when somebody clipped it with their car.

Thank you in advance!


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