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Here's how to get your special "Group Buy" 15% discount on (Sorry, I can't offer this same discount on Amazon, due to the fact that they take a commision on every sale already.) This special will end Sept 30, 2007

So, go to

(1) Create an account on DriWash
(A) Click the "Order On-Line" Link on the left menu, or at the center of the main page.
(B) Click "My Account" on the Right hand side, just below the Key.
(C) Click "Continue" under "I'm a new customer"
(D) Enter your billing and shipping address, phone, e-mail, etc.
(E) Log out when finished.
(2) PM me with your real name, the one you used on DWS to create the account.

(3) I'll set your account up for the 15% and e-mail you. Remember, all of our prices are already 10% off MSRP, so you'll be getting an additional 5% discount over the general public.

(4) Go back to and Log in using the e-mail address you supplied during signup.

(5) Add products to your cart.

(6) Check out.

It's that easy!
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