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I have a 13 charger R/T AWD Max with 148k miles on it. love the car, with snow tires it's unstoppable here with lake effect snow when PA doesn't want to plow the roads.

I had a BSM issue while the car was under warranty (orange triangle on) and they replaced the rear bumper sensor. I ask the tech at time how much it would cost me if not under warranty and said about $150. The system recently went out again, both triangles on. I purchased both bumper sensors, they are now $500 each and are on their third revision. I watched a video about a guy who showed that water penetration was causing the boards to fail so i too siliconed the outside and used dielectric grease on the electrical connections. over $1k and 2 hours guessed it, lights still on. So i made an appointment to get it fixed at a dealership and they said everything was install correctly the system just needed reset. Great i thought, now the wife can stop yelling at me for installing them incorrectly!!!! I didn't make it out of the parking lot before the system faulted again. Went right back in and they worked on it some more. Said they had a troubleshooting tree and they reset the system again but a different way. "it might come back on, if it does it means its a door module that has failed"

Just want to reach out and see if anyone else had a door module failure relate to a BSM issue. If so, is the "Door Module" the side view mirror or a different sensor?

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