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Doing 3 dyno pulls tommorrow....

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Well tomorrow I am putting my Charger on the dyno for the first time at
Akron Horsepower. I get 3 pulls for $50. I believe 12 LXs are getting to dyno tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting a baseline on my car before I install my Sidewinder and Street heads.

What is your estimate on my pull with my current mods?
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I'd say for crappy weather and a DA up around 2000 ft (my assumption for where you are) those numbers are honest with the mods you dyno'd. Wait until fall and you should see the numbers come out around 305 to 310 with a low DA on a 50 to 60 degree dry day.

Joshua, HHP
Bob, did you make a small typo when you added your torque numbers on to your sig?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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