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Doing 3 dyno pulls tommorrow....

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Well tomorrow I am putting my Charger on the dyno for the first time at
Akron Horsepower. I get 3 pulls for $50. I believe 12 LXs are getting to dyno tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting a baseline on my car before I install my Sidewinder and Street heads.

What is your estimate on my pull with my current mods?
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As Big D said, it really was a bummer when we saw the spark! Great idea to have someone weld the S/S muffler. It was a hot day about 88 degrees and humid. I dynoed my SRT8 last fall when it was in the 60 deg range and raining. It dynoed 368 and 375 then and 2000 miles later, it dynoed 371 and 372 but at 28 deg hotter.

I was talking to a Chrysler engineer and he stated that for the first 3000 miles, on SRT8 cars, the throttle will only open 80% because they want break in to occur without full throttle. I don't know if this is correct, but with the humidity, cars that were pulling 302 hp were pulling 282 hp etc So hotter days do make a difference. My car picked up 2 hp with hotter days. Given what it was last October, it probably would have pulled in the 380 to 385 range. Oh well, we will keep testing.

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