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Here's why I need them...

I currently have adjustable camber bushings from Pedders in my upper control arms. The bad news is that the balljoint has gone bad.

I can either

A) Buy new OEM control arms, pull the respective bushings out of the old and new upper control arm and then have the Pedder's bushings pressed into the new OEM arms.


B) Buy SPC adjustable upper control arms (which have replaceable ball joint), but the Pedders hardware will not work due to length. I also plan to sell the Pedders parts so I would be able to sell them complete. (I feel this is a better long term solution due to the replaceable ball joint)

I've already called my original installer to see if they keep these from previous jobs. Unfortunately they get tossed, and while they said they would keep me in mind I don't know when someone is going to go in for this exact work. I've pulled the part numbers and found the cost from the dealership... $52.36. I've got a call into MPSC to see how much go for from them. I've also called Cleveland Pick-a-Part and they weren't helpful.

Ideally if someone has these sitting around not using them I'd appreciate it.
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